Mustard Seeds

We are supplier and exporter of Mustard seeds. We source our product from most trusted vendors in our country. We are keen in product quality, hygienic processing and packing. Mustard seeds are the proverbially small seeds of the various mustard plants. The seeds are about 1 mm in diameter, and may be colored from yellowish white to black. They are important spices in many regional cuisines. Mustard is one of the most ancient spices. These small seeds pack a lot of health benefits.

Usage & Advantages

Flavoring agent. Flavor and color. Processed food products. Preservative and antioxidant properties. Manufacture of mayonnaise, dried or dehydrated mustard leaves, whole mustard seeds etc.

Quality Machine Clean & Sortex Clean
Variety Black & Yellow (100% , 99%)
LOADING 22 MT in 20 FT