Fennel Seeds

We provides our clients with a range of fennel seeds, which is to flavor breads, cakes and confectionery. These are also an ingredient of Chinese five spices. Fennel has an anise like flavor but is more aromatic, sweeter and less pungent. While greenish seeds are much softer and naturally sweeter. Excellent in taste, these seeds are used in different types of dishes to add unique taste and flavor. Offered seeds are properly cleaned and processed by our experts using the latest tools and processing techniques. Being a quality conscious company, we assure our clients that these seeds are best on counts of taste, quality & purity.

Usage & Advantages

Fennel Seeds are used as an oral digestive and mouth freshener. Fennel seeds are considered to be the best herbs for fish dishes and have yellowish or greenish appearance. The yellowish seeds are used for the purpose of cooking.

Quality Machine Clean & Sortex Clean
Variety Fennel (99%, 98% & 97%)
LOADING 12 MT in 20 FT AND 24 MT in 40 FT