Coriande Seeds

We have good quality and the tremendous amount of Coriander Seeds we have. Our good quality Coriander Seeds will provide your body with all the benefits required. Coriander aka Cilantro aka Dhania originates in the Middle East and Southern Europe, but for more than a millennium it has been recognised in the Asian continent. Coriander, like other spices, is used in dishes because of its aroma and taste. There are two seeds in the fruit of the coriander plant which when dried, are the portions used as the dried spice. The seeds are yellowish-brown in colour when mature, with longitudinal ridges. Whole or in ground powder form, coriander seeds are available. The largest producer and customer of Coriander Seeds is India. In addition, it is also the largest exporter of seeds from Coriander. India produces an annual average of 500,000 tonnes of coriander and exports about 40,000 tonnes a year. 70% of the coriander produced worldwide is produced in India. With 56 percent of India's total output, Rajasthan is the largest producer of coriander seeds in India. Madhya Pradesh holds second spot, and Gujarat and Assam share third place in the development of Coriander Seeds.

Usage & Advantages

Coriander seeds for the treatment of anxiety and insomnia are used as folk medicine. In drugs, cigarettes, and as a fragrance in cosmetics and soaps, coriander seeds are used as a flavouring agent. For digestion issues such as disturbed stomach, lack of appetite, hernia, nausea, diarrhoea, bowel spasms, and intestinal gas, coriander seeds are used. Coriander Seeds are also used for the prevention of measles, haemorrhoids, toothaches, worms, joint pain, and bacterial and fungal infections. Coriander leaves can help to speed up the body's excretion of mercury, lead and aluminium. Some breast-feeding women use Coriander to improve milk supply. In foods, Coriander is used as a cooking seasoning and to avoid food poisoning. We're proud to give our customers good quality and quantity of Coriander. We also promise that our method of packaging is so smooth that we take special care to keep the food unharmed.

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